Guest Comments

Guest Comments

There has been an outpouring of notes and letters of encouragement from preachers and ministries across the country, NBBC members, as well as guests to our website.

We will start posting these notes of support as we receive them, and trust they will be an encouragement for you to read.

Pastor Keith,

Thank you for your testimony that our God is greater than this virus and I'm claiming by Christ's stripes I shall be healed. I wasn't feeling well and had a sudden high temperature for a few days but I am much better now after being blessed by your service. My cough seems less today than yesterday as I'm clearly recovering. God's blessings as you continue to share in Christ's salvation of John 3:16.

On Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Dear Preacher,
As the world loses all their gods of sports, education and money, we get to trust and be strong in the only true God. 

Thank you so much for standing strong for our Lord and for us. We are looking forward to being together with our church family soon!

We are proud to call you our Preacher.

Mary Jo Oprzedek
On Sunday, March 29, 2020

Dear Preacher,

During these current trials, we face I wanted to let you all know how grateful I am to Northwest Bible Baptist Church and all the members.

Since attending Reformers Unanimous, and being saved with you and Steve Szwarga at my kitchen table, I have undergone a change in my life, where I am now filled with the Holy Spirit. Having been baptized at the church and making so many genuine friends, I cannot express enough about the heartfelt emotions of belonging to a church where everyone truly cares about each other. Each and every message I hear from yourself, Pastor Cavanaugh, and guest pastors touch my heart, but most importantly gives me the strength and knowledge to understand scripture for exactly what it says.

Presently I am two months ahead (reading the Bible in a year) of Pastor Hall's schedule. I read, highlight, make asterisks, and journal. Each and every day scripture touches my heart, and presently reading Proverbs I am in awe of the Divine wisdom I receive.

At this time, I will let you all know that each night you, and the entire staff as well as members, are in my prayers. I know that the current trials have presented their challenges. But they are nothing we can't handle and get through.

You sir are right on the money when you say "There is something bigger going on behind this virus." You, Preacher, do not stray or stumble when you speak and stand up for your flock and the Word of God. You also have God on your side, and you too are filled with the Holy Spirit. He recently, like He has done with me, advised "Preacher, pick your battles." The Holy Spirit knows what larger battles lie ahead, and you sir also know. I understand and support you and the staff in prayer.

I want to conclude by letting you and Pastor Cavanaugh know that your messages affect my heart, and therefore my daily life, in so many ways, I cannot begin to thank you enough.

Please forgive my handwriting and punctuation as well as run-on sentences. But, as my dear mother, Dorothy Drish used to say, "Son, there is nothing more cherished than a hand-written letter, note or card."

P.S. I listened to your radio interview! Very well done Preacher!

Larry Drish
On Thursday, March 26, 2020