Kyte River Revival Campgrounds


A fundamental Baptist camp owned and operated by our church, Kyte River has a balanced atmosphere, where preaching and revival are the main focus, while activities, fellowship, food, and fun are of no short supply.

Kyte River Revival Campgrounds is a home missions ministry that uses the unique aspects of the camp ministry to reach young people for the Lord Jesus Christ, strengthen families, and serve all local churches of like faith. It is a place where people are saved, surrender, and develop a consistent walk with Christ. Although it may be the vision of one church, its purpose is to benefit all churches of like faith.


Kyte River Revival Campgrounds is more than just a camp. It is a ministry dedicated to see REVIVAL happen in the heart of everyone who comes. The camp gets its name from the Kyte River which winds its way over 2 miles throughout the campgrounds.


Set in the direct center of northern Illinois and conveniently located only 20 minutes from the intersection of I-88 and I-39, it is easier than ever to get to camp.


517 acres offer us activities such as hiking, fishing, walking paths, dedicated RV and tent camping sites, paddle boating, canoeing, BMX track and bikes, in addition to the timeless camp activities everyone enjoys.


Dormitories, private showerhouses and bathrooms, an open-air chapel, and our new 10,000-sq. ft. dining hall/kitchen facility add to our beautiful property.

Official Kyte River Website

Weekly Services:

Sunday 9:45 am, 10:45 am, 6:00 pm | Wednesday 7:00 pm