Through our Faith Promise missions giving, we support hundreds of missionaries who bring the gospel all over the world.

Northwest Bible Baptist Church believes in Missions. The church has God's unique purpose and mission as found in the Great Commission. In Mark 16:15, God commands us to: "Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature."

The Great Commission is fulfilled through Missions.

  • Starting other New Testament churches around the world to reach lost souls with the gospel.

  • Presenting Christ vividly, intelligently, effectively, and persuasively to the world and to the individual, as the Savior who has come to save mankind from their sins.

  • Leading people to Jesus Christ in order that they might experience forgiveness of sins and the newness of life.

  • Establishing believers in Christian doctrine, principles, and practices of Christian living, fellowship, and service in the local church by walking in the power of the Holy Spirit.

The missionary's task is a supernatural task that demands supernatural resources. This task is glorious, urgent, demanding, and unique. Therefore, our church must wholeheartedly support missionaries and missions works both financially and prayerfully to fulfill the purpose of God all around the world. When we do so, we live in the fullness of His blessings.

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