Youth Department


We have an extensive Youth Ministry that provides a reinforcement to the Biblical principles that are taught in the home.

We live in a time where many youth departments have gravitated to an entertainment-centered (and even carnal) "teenager babysitting"-type atmosphere. Truth is not emphasized, soulwinning and discipleship is unheard of, and taking a stand on the Word of God is dismissed in favor of "fitting in" to the trends and fads of the day.

At Northwest Bible Baptist Church, we know that it's still possible for teenagers to be on fire for God, live separated from the world's vices, and stay true to the Bible and the values it teaches.

We believe a youth department should be an extension of the Christian home. The consistency of the church and home both pulling in the same direction is a powerful force in a teenager's life.

Along the way, there's a ton of fun activities and events...the fun is never the primary goal, but ALWAYS a by-product of living clean for the Lord and delighting in the adventures He takes us on through the intimidating time of life we call the TEENAGE YEARS!

Weekly events:

  • Sunday School - Sundays @ 9:45am in Gym

  • Soulwinning club - Saturdays @ 9:30am in Main Auditorium

  • Catalyst Program - Wednesdays @ 6pm in Room #148

Activities & Events throughout the year:

  • Teen Camp @ Kyte River in July

  • National Youth Conference in June

  • Football Camp in August

  • Ski Trip every February

  • Video scavenger hunts

  • "Servant" Work Days for Others

  • Gym Nights

  • Youth Rallys

  • 3-on-3 Basketball Tournaments

  • Local field trips

Weekly Services:

Sunday 9:45 am, 10:45 am, 6:00 pm | Wednesday 7:00 pm