Northwest Baptist Academy

NBA is a private Christian school, started specifically for the members of Northwest Bible Baptist Church, that teaches students in K5 through 12th grade.

Christ-Centered Education for K5 - 12th

A balanced atmosphere for members of Northwest Bible Baptist Church, with first class education, involvement in ministry, and experienced educators.

10 Reasons why your child can thrive at NBA

Christ Centered Education

All education must be centered around God. We take great pains to engrave in our students’ hearts Biblical philosophies, standards, and convictions in a Christian environment.

Ministry Preparedness

Students are taught how to go soulwinning, run bus programs, sing church specials and in a choir, play instrumental specials and serve in other various ministries.


Students are challenged on a daily basis to achieve a high standard of excellence. Students rank in the top 30-40% in the nation in the core subjects of Math, Reading, & English.

Social Development

Interaction with teachers and other students, activities, special field trips, and sporting events all help cultivate Christ-honoring social skills.

Teacher Influence

The teachers and staff bring a rich teaching experience of over 180 years to the classroom every day.

Physical Development

Our 7th-12th grade students are challenged with intense training in physical exercise multiple times a week.

Leadership Training

Whether students will work at a church full-time or in the secular business world, graduates are given the tools needed to excel in leadership positions.

Spiritual Development

Our goal is to pull in the same direction as the home and church to produce a life that will be well-pleasing to God.

Balanced Education

Too many young people make the mistake of focusing primarily on one interest throughout high school. Every student is taught the importance of maintaining a balanced approach to their Christian life.

Positive Peer Pressure

Through positive peer pressure, students challenge each other in many areas: respect for authority, purity of speech, a desire to accomplish God’s will for their life, and an appreciation for their home, church and school.


Bro. Jason Walker


Dr. Mike Hall

Band Director

Carrie Merriott

Volleyball Coach

Liz Ritchie

5th & 6th Teacher

Olivia Putnam

7th-12th History and Math Teacher

Cassie Diehl

Choir Director

Sarah Wood


Karla Santana


Victoria Taft

1st-2nd Grade Teacher

Hannah Walker

Kindergarten Teacher