Our Theme: "The ESSENTIALS"

es·sen·tial: a thing that is absolutely necessary.
2 Peter 1:3-10

The claims we hear some make today would lead us to believe that salvation is the only thing essential in our spiritual life. Everything else in the Bible is a Non-Essential. "It doesn't make a difference", they claim. "As long as you're going to heaven, nothing else really matters."

Those claims are wrong & unbiblical.

We need today's generation to understand Biblically what "things" are essential to their spiritual life according to the Word of God. These "things" are absolutely necessary to survive in a sin-cursed, God-hating world system. These "things" should be believed, obeyed, protected, preserved, and cherished.

They are The ESSENTIALS.

Q: Where's the conference?

Answer: At Your Church!

We will not be hosting churches on our property this year. Instead, the conference services will be broadcast via live streaming. We highly recommend those of you who are pastors, youth pastors, and group leaders to host your own young people at your own church to watch and participate in the services together.

We will be working very hard to interact with all of the participating churches to get your teenagers involved in the spirit of the conference even though we will be geographically separated.

Q: What will be happening?

Red Hot, Powerful Preaching

The premiere event at our Youth Conference has always been what happens behind the pulpit and at the altar. Even though you will be remote, this will not change.

After being prepared by soul-stirring congregational singing and conservative, heart-touching special music, our conference preachers will preach the Word of God and trust the Holy Spirit to bring us each to a point of decision.

Altar Calls & Decisions

Every service will give the teens and adults alike an opportunity to put personal action to the message: whether to get right with God, surrender to His will, forsake a sin, or get born again. Our goal and prayer is that God will use this remote conference to help many teenagers make real and lasting decisions for Christ.

Altar calls will be given. Decisions will be made. Lives will be changed.

Games, Activities, & Competition

There will be activities organized and fully prepared for you to enjoy with your teenagers during the afternoons. Not only will these activities be a ton of fun with your group, but there will also be an element of live and challenging competition with all of the other participating churches.

Your teens will get a chance to work together as a team and definitely form some unforgettable memories!

More details will be revealed as we get closer to the conference.

Q: What's the schedule?

Here's a tentative schedule we have planned. Exact times will be announced later.

Monday, June 22

  • Evening Preaching Service

Tuesday, June 23

  • Late Morning Session
  • Afternoon Group Activity
  • Evening Preaching Service

Wednesday, June 24

  • Late Morning Session
  • Afternoon Group Activity
  • Evening Preaching Service

Q: How do I sign up my group?

Fill out this form & pay the registration.

The group leader should register the entire group at one time. Information about individuals is not needed, only a total number of T-shirts per size.

Cost for the entire conference is $13 per person and includes:

  • Conference T-shirt
  • Access to VIP Live Stream for pre-service games/competitions
  • Access to 2 pre-organized, high-octane, unforgettable afternoon group activities
  • Youth Group Conference Prep Kit
    • Pre-Conference daily devotional (& songbook) for each teen
    • Prayer bookmark for each teen
    • Sunday School lesson & worksheet (use as desired)
    • Blank decision cards for the conference

Group Leader
Church & Mailing Address

Use the address where the Prep Kit and T-shirts should be sent

Group Registration

A conference T-shirt is included for every person in your group (don't forget adults!)
Select how many T-shirts you need in each size for your entire group.


Total Amount



Keith Gomez


Phil Cavanaugh

Youth Pastor

Joel Szwarga

Guest Speakers

About Us

Dr. Keith Gomez, the pastor of Northwest Bible Baptist Church for 37 years, is known around the country as a strong champion of the old-time Bible fundamentals and principles handed down by our Baptist forefathers.

We still preach, teach, and practice soul-winning and separation. We still believe the KJV we hold in our hands is inspired and preserved. We still believe the world's music does not belong in our church.

And it all still works in 2020 and beyond.

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