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RU is a biblically-based, Christian Addiction Recovery Program, designed to rescue, recover, and restore those in addictive behaviors with the power of the hidden life found only in Jesus Christ.

Addiction affects 1 in 4 people regardless of age, gender, nationality, or status. The results have taken a toll on our community, the economy, crime, health, income, and education. More important is the toll addiction takes on individual lives and their friends and family. Our desire is to take the Truth that Makes Free to every man, women, and child to Break the Chains, and Cycle, of Addiction.

To the Addict – RU is the way I found hope and freedom from habits that have held me in bondage far too long.
To the Family/Friend of an Addict – RU is a place where I found hope for my loved one and help for my deepest hurts.
To the Child – RU is the place I found security and happiness, and I got my parents back.
To the Struggling Teenager – RU is a program that reached me with the good news and taught me about dealing with relevant issues teens face.
To the Pastor – RU is the tool that brought hope to my community and revival to my church.
To the Church Member – RU is the pathway God used to expose my personal struggles
To the Inmate – RU is the only place I found freedom, even though I was incarcerated.
To the Chaplain – RU is the catalyst for lasting change among inmates.
To the Correctional Officer – RU helped me understand my position and influence as a minister of God for good.
To the Judge – RU is the program we partnered with to reduce recidivism in our community. Now we see them as productive citizens active in our community.
To God – RU is one of His greatest tools to accomplish His great commission.

The Impact of Faith-Based Recovery


Faith-based volunteer support groups contribute up to $316.6 billion in savings to the US economy every year at no cost to tax payers.

Positive Influence

More than 84% of scientific studies show that faith is a positive factor in addiction prevention or recovery.

Real Results

An estimated 20,000+ lives are saved every year because of faith-based recovery programs in churches.


Studies have found a success rate of 40%-60% in most faith-based programs, significantly higher than programs that do not incorporate faith.

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Weekly Services:

Sunday 9:45 am, 10:45 am, 6:00 pm | Wednesday 7:00 pm