Guest Comments

Guest Comments

There has been an outpouring of notes and letters of encouragement from preachers and ministries across the country, NBBC members, as well as guests to our website.

We will start posting these notes of support as we receive them, and trust they will be an encouragement for you to read.

Thank you for the loving support my wife and I received. Losing a father is hard, and to lose both my wife's and mine in a three week period was very difficult. I find comfort in the knowing that they are with God in heaven. A promised filled

Antonio Lacunza
On Sunday, October 2, 2022 from Elgin

Thank you to all the wonderful people that said hi to me and asked me my name on my first time going to Northwest. I love you all, and hope you continue preaching the truth!

Hailey Becham
On Sunday, August 28, 2022 from Hawkins, Indiana

I appreciate that you use the old King James Version of the Bible. 

Delaware Anderson
On Wednesday, June 15, 2022 from Rolling Meadows, Illinois

Dear Pastor Phil, 

May our good Lord continue to use, bless, and protect you and the dear people of Northwest Bible Baptist Church.  You have been such a blessing and Godly influence upon me, and  my family.  Praise the Lord!!  Thank you for standing true for our Lord and His Word.



Celeste Cancun
On Wednesday, June 15, 2022 from Chicago, Illinois

Dear Pastor & Mrs. Cavanaugh,

I am so grateful for your FIRM, unwavering stand on the Word of God! I have been tremendously blessed & convicted also through your Preaching. You've taught me to stay FOCUSED on Jesus, on "How to Have a Big Day" which starts with self-examination! How powerful! I want every day to be a BIG DAY in giving God the Glory he deserves. The many messages you've preached that stay with me: focus on the Bible, God's Word; focus outside of myself and to focus on the fear of the Lord, which also means to please Him! 

I'm grateful for your prayers for me and the Godly example shown by you and Mrs. Cavanaugh. I dearly love you both and pray for your family everyday, including Addysin, Brady, Nathan, Benjamin & Russell!!

 Genuinely, Kindly,

Kathy Landem Burk

Kathy Burk
On Sunday, May 29, 2022 from Elgin, iL