Each Adult Bible Class is a smaller family within our church family. It is a place to make friendships and enjoy fellowship with those of similar age and interests.
Classes are held every Sunday at 9:45am.

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Through Biblical principles, Reformers Unanimous is able to help the enslaved break their addictions to alcohol, drugs, tobacco, illicit sex, pornography, and other bonds of sin.

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The bus ministry is a tool to reach families in Elgin and the surrounding communities. Our buses currently pick up children, teens, and adults in 21 area towns and cities.

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Every week, elderly folks in 12 nursing homes & retirement centers attend services conducted by lay preachers, families, teens, young children, and Bible college students.

Nursing Homes

The music at Northwest is revivalistic and lively, not unlike what you would hear in an old-fashioned camp meeting. There is a large variety of small groups and large choirs that sing during the services and special concerts.

Choirs & Singing Groups

The orchestra plays along with the choir specials and congregational singing. They also perform multiple concerts at Northwest and play for area parades.


NBA is a private Christian school, started specifically for the members of Northwest Bible Baptist Church, that teaches students in K5 through 12th grade.

Northwest Baptist Academy

PBC is a training grounds, especially for those called to be pastors, assistant pastors, missionaries, evangelists, Christian school educators, church or school secretaries, and others who want to use their life to accomplish something for the Lord.

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A fundamental Baptist camp owned and operated by our church, Cedar River has a balanced atmosphere, where preaching and revival are the main focus, while activities, fellowship, food, and fun are of no short supply.

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As the Elgin Hispanic population grows, our Spanish ministry has grown to minister to our city and surrounding communities.

Spanish Church

Our nurseries are clean, safe, and well-staffed by trained workers. All nurseries are open for your kids during every service at Northwest, including special events such as conferences and weddings.


We have an extensive Youth Program that provides a balanced reinforcement of principles taught in the home, through Sunday School, regular activities, Bible camps & preaching conferences, soulwining clubs, and a Catalyst program, all specifically for teenagers.

Youth Group

Through an organized soulwinning club, you can do your part to obey the Great Commission by going door-to-door inviting folks to church and giving them the gospel.
There are multiple days & times throughout the week - just pick a time and GO!

Adult Soulwinning Clubs

Through our Faith Promise missions giving, we support hundreds of missionaries who bring the gospel all over the world.

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Take the time to tell someone about the Lord and join us for Teen Soulwinning.
Beginning soulwinners are teamed up with experienced teen or adult soulwinners, in order to learn and build confidence.

Teen Soulwinning

The heart of the King's Kids program is Scripture memorization, with award ribbons and recognition for varying levels of achievement. With King's Kids, some children have committed hundreds of Bible verses to memory.

King's Kids

NBBC Youth Conference serves a definite purpose: changed lives, through strong, direct preaching of the Word of God, by the power of the Holy Spirit's conviction.

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Join us the last full week of every September for a great time of old-fashioned preaching by great men of God.
We trust it will be a help and a blessing to you.

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Old Paths Camp Meeting

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