Where Does the Governor Get the Authority to Shut Down the State?

Last Updated: Saturday, May 23, 2020

Where Does the Governor Get the Authority to Shut Down the State?

Written by Roger German

Governor J. B. Pritzker and the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) are not above the Illinois Constitution because of a declared emergency.

The Illinois Constitution grants neither the governor nor the IDPH the authority to suspend the Bill of Rights in the Illinois Constitution. The Illinois Constitution grants neither the governor nor the IDPH emergency powers to deny citizens their constitutionally protected rights. The governor has no lawful authority aside from what is granted by the Illinois State Constitution. Also, the IDPH does not wield more power than what the governor is granted constitutionally. The powers delegated by the Illinois Constitution to the Illinois governor are defined and limited. Nowhere in the Illinois Constitution did “we the people” grant the governor an emergency power that allows him to suspend the Illinois Constitution’s Bill of Rights.

The Illinois General Assembly cannot by way of a state statute lawfully grant the governor additional through an emergency powers act. To do so violates the Illinois State Constitution, and enacting law that runs contrary to the Illinois Constitution makes that law null and void.

If the Illinois General Assembly could grant additional powers to the governor willy-nilly, then what would be the point of a separation of powers, and of checks and balances? If a state legislature could grant power not constitutionally granted to the governor, then what would stop a state legislature from making the governor a monarch?

The governor seems to believe that because he was elected, he has an intrinsic right to do what he wants regardless of what power the Illinois Constitution delegates to him. Only citizens possess intrinsic rights, and those rights are constitutionally protected from government abuse. Governments only have constitutionally granted power and authority, not unalienable rights. There exists no constitutional authority for the governor to unilaterally mandate stay-at-home mandates and closures of so-called non-essential businesses–including churches–because of an alleged emergency.

Some may wonder what the governor’s executive orders permit him to do. The governor may not, by means of executive orders, exercise powers not granted to him by the Illinois State Constitution or by lawful acts of the Illinois General Assembly. The granting of executive order power to the governor is not a blank check giving him power to do whatever he wants. Article V, Section 8 of the Illinois State Constitution states, in part, that the governor shall be responsible for the faithful execution of the laws. By way of an executive order the governor has the obligation to implement the lawful acts of the Illinois General Assembly. The governor may make executive orders to carry out his constitutionally granted powers and duties, and he may address administrative issues within the executive branch by way of executive orders.

In summary:

  • The governor has not been granted emergency powers by the supreme state law, the Illinois Constitution.
  • The governor and the IDPH have no lawful authority to suspend the Illinois Constitution’s Bill of Rights.
  • The Illinois General Assembly has no constitutional authority to grant the governor more power.
  • The granting of the executive power by the Illinois Constitution to the governor is not a blank check giving him power to do whatever he wants.
  • The governor may not criminalize the use of the people’s constitutionally protected rights listed in the Illinois Constitution’s Bill of Rights.

Let’s hope law enforcement remembers that they swore an oath to uphold the constitution–not to be a personal army for the governor.

Update! Pritzker's latest power grab defeated

Last Updated: Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Update (5/20/20): Pritzker's latest power grab defeated

Governor Pritzker Wants to Criminalize Lock-Down Opposition

Governor Pritzker Wants to Criminalize Lock-Down Opposition

Written By David E. Smith 

Gov. J.B. Pritzker has filed an emergency rule to punish businesses that open to customers in defiance of his illegal lock-down orders. Violators could be charged with a Class A misdemeanor, which is a fine between $75 and $2,500.

Additionally, this emergency rule extends the governor's emergency authority from 30 days to 150 days.

According to this online report by Amanda Vinicky, because "it’s classified as 'emergency' in nature, the rule change took effect as soon as it was filed Friday." State lawmakers sitting on the JCAR Committee will have to vote to reject the governor's unilateral power grab. Without a tsunami of calls and emails, this order will be rubber stamped, possibly as soon as this Wednesday.

Take ACTION: Click HERE to send an email to the 12 members of the JCAR Committee asking them to reject this confiscation of power.

More ACTION: Please also call the following committee members and leave a similar message:

Illinois Sen. Bill Cunningham (D-Chicago)
(773) 445-8128 or (217) 782-5145
Illinois Rep. Mike Halpin (D-Rock Island)
(309) 558-3612 or (217) 782-5970
Illinois Sen. Kimberly Lightford (D-Hillside)  
(708) 632-4500 or (217) 782-8505
Illinois Rep. Fran Hurley (D-Chicago)
(773) 445-8128 or (217) 782-8200
Illinois Sen. Tony Munoz (D-Chicago)
(773) 869-9050 or (217) 782-9415
Illinois Rep. Steve Reick (R-Woodstock)
(815) 880-5340 or (217) 782-1717
Illinois Sen. Sue Rezin (R-Morris)
(815) 220-8720 or (217) 782-3840
Illinois Rep. Andre Thapedi (D-Chicago)
(773) 581-9260 or (217) 782-1702
Illinois Sen. Paul Schimpf (R-Waterloo)
(618) 684-1100 or (217) 782-8137
Illinois Rep. Keith Wheeler (R-North Aurora)
(630) 345-3464 of (217) 782-1486
Illinois Rep. Tom Demmer (R-Dixon)
(815) 561-3690 or (217) 782-0535
Illinois Rep. Chuck Weaver (R-Peoria)
(309) 693-4291 or (217) 782-1942


State Representative John M. Cabello (R-Machesney Park) issued a press release publicly objecting to this rule change:

"We have a dictator Governor who is weaponizing our Department of Public Health to treat our citizens like criminals. The pure irony lies in the fact that the Governor is doing this at the same time that he is commuting sentences for murderers and rapists. The greatest danger today from the COVID-19 is the alternative universe that is being created here in Illinois.

People are resisting because they view the Governor’s Restore Illinois plan, and his general approach to the COVID-19 health crisis, as a hodgepodge of arbitrary rules and restrictions placed on citizens and businesses by a hypocritical leader. Recall the news stories about the Governor’s wife traveling to Florida while the rest of us are being told to lockdown. Now we are hearing that the Governor’s family has been up in Wisconsin too. In another case of irony those two states have been easing their restrictions.

I think our Governor needs to look in the mirror when he starts to criticize the people of Illinois for their lack of compliance and confidence in his approach to the COVID-19. Telling a family of four who just drove in the same car to the boat dock that only two of them at a time can be on a boat is not only stupid, it is just one example of things that undermine confidence in the way the entire issue is being handled. Perhaps the Governor should travel to Florida with his family next time and get some advice from their Governor."

It is imperative that Illinois citizens speak up loudly about this new rule that not only punishes working families but grants untenable powers to the governor.

Social Media Censorship

Last Updated: Monday, May 18, 2020

Censorship is Unconstitutional! Our nation is under attack from within, by every major information platform. From social media channels preventing FREE speech, to the mainstream media's constant FAKE news, we the people are being deceived! We DEMAND our rights under the 1st Amendment be vigorously protected. Private companies acting as public utilities to disseminate information, take on the same social, ethical and fiduciary responsibilities applicable to any agency of the government.

We, the PEOPLE, demand our rights of FREE Speech be defended at all cost! We demand an end to social media censorship, and mainstream media corporate leadership & owners be held financially accountable for damages resulting from reporting lies and criminally responsible for acts of treason against the US

Information Regarding HR 6666

Last Updated: Monday, May 18, 2020

House Resolution 6666 introduced into congress by Congressman Bobby Rush (Democrat from IL) introducing the TRACE Act [COVID-19 Testing, Reaching, And Contacting Everyone (TRACE) Act].

Children's Emergency Quarantine Centers

Last Updated: Monday, May 18, 2020

The State of Washington is looking for employees to SUPERVISE CHILDREN in Emergency Quarantine Centers. US Congress passing a bill to test & diagnose for COVID-19 at individuals' residences and for other purposes.

Plandemic Video

Last Updated: Monday, May 11, 2020

Pastor Gomez: Newsmax TV Interview "Opening May 17th"

Last Updated: Friday, May 8, 2020
Watch Pastor Gomez explain our church's situation in Illinois in this Newsmax interview on Friday, May 8.

Dr. Jay Kinzler - Things in Chicago & Illinois not adding up

Last Updated: Wednesday, May 6, 2020

After spending millions of dollars on the #McCormick Place Hospital, #Pritzker and Lightfoot are closing it down. #Lightfoot is doubling down on closing #Chicago down trouncing civil liberties and suffocating citizens. She however goes out and gets a haircut because she takes her personal hygiene very seriously.

Through April 16, the city has spent $64.8 million on the McCormick Place field hospital, according to city records. However, McCormick Place has treated just 29 patients. That comes to 2.2 million per patient.

#WGN Investigation recently looked into the cost of “just in case” hospitals. They found at least $7.4 million has been spent on medical staffing specifically for McCormick Place. as of Wednesday, for 29 patients in total.

Other facilities in Illinois, including the former Advocate Sherman Hospital in Elgin, Westlake Hospital in Melrose Park and MetroSouth Medical Center in Blue Island also have been designated as alternate care sites. Pritzker said last week that those sites had not been “turned on yet because it does not appear, at least at the moment, that we need them in the near future.”
A spokesman for the governor’s office did not immediately respond to a request for comment on those sites Friday afternoon.

These facilities have undoubtedly cost millions more.

Dr. Ponni Arunkumar the Chief Medical Examiner of Cook County stated this evening that the Chicago area peak for COVID-19 will be in mid or late May.

Pritzker’s administration recently said it remains unclear whether the recent lower death rate will stick. They said the state will remain in a death peak through early May, with 50 to 150 deaths projected every day. Yet they are closing down their McCormick Place Hospital. If peaks are not here yet why are they closing their unused hospitals. What they say and what they do are not adding up.

When we look at the actual data, the money and resources they have wasted, their assessment on how they are doing, and their lack of a long term plan for opening up Illinois we realize they are clueless.

How did we ever put these two incompetent and mediocre people in charge of a once great state and a city that took generations of hardworking citizens to build. How did we ever allow ourselves to let them have so much control over our lives.

Having these two in charge is the real disaster.

Original post on Facebook

Press Release and Letter to Governor Pritzker

Last Updated: Friday, May 1, 2020

This morning, as our demand letter was delivered to Governor Pritzker informing him of our plan to resume in-person services on May 17, a press release went out regarding the letter and our large coalition of Illinois churches that also plan to reopen on May 17.

Press Release:

Letter to the Governor:

The Origins of COVID-19

Last Updated: Tuesday, March 31, 2020

There are very serious accusations surfacing now about the origins of COVID-19. Years ago, Chinese virologist Dr. Shi Zhengli was working on a joint project between the Wuhan Institute of Virology and the University of North Carolina. Something happened in 2014 that caused the Department of Homeland Security to shut down the joint research project on "bat coronavirus" due to the risks it posed to health and safety. But that didn't stop Dr. Zhengli. The Chinese government welcomed her work and, the next year (2015), China launched its own first ever mainland bio lab to study the most severe infectious diseases. Dr. Shi Zhengli landed at the Wuhan Institute of Virology where she directs the Center for Emerging Infectious Diseases. That same year, Dr. Zhengli co-published a paper discussing bat coronaviruses that showed potential for "human emergence." The DHS shut down these experiments in America because they were too high risk. But China pressed forward. It is time to hold China accountable with investigations and sanctions right now for the damage that has been caused around the world. Some US legislators are joining our push for sanctions against China. Now is the time to rise up and demand answers and actions.

In addition, our U.S. government took safety one step further by banning funding for risky virology studies. However, between 2014 and 2019, under Dr. Fauci's leadership as Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) awarded a total of $3.7 million in grants to EcoHealth Alliance to study the "risk of future coronavirus (CoV) emergence from wildlife using in-depth field investigations across the human-wildlife interface in China," according to the Washington Examiner. And bats are one of the main focuses of this organization. As much as $700,000 of our tax dollars were funneled through Dr. Fauci's NIAID and given to the now-infamous Wuhan Institute of Virology, where Dr. Shi Zhengli continued her research. This was research that was banned from the United States because it was considered too risky. It was even considered too risky to fund in other nations. But NIAID funded it anyway. This leaves us with a serious question. Did Dr. Anthony Fauci authorize the illegal payment of millions of your tax dollars to China to give a competing national powerhouse the ability to continue risky studies on bat coronaviruses? And it just so happens that these studies included the exact virus that caused a pandemic within the same year of NIAID's last grant to China. This same virus rocketed Dr. Fauci from obscurity in the public mind to becoming a household name across America... Meanwhile, China gets to keep our money and the medical knowledge they gained through this multi-million-dollar process. But American scientists are left in the dark. Our medical community is out in the cold. And American taxpayers are left footing the bill. It's time to hold China accountable and responsible for their actions.

China is already manipulating this to its advantage. It has a long history of human rights violations (and those numbers are on the rise). In addition, it is facing ongoing accusations of cutting out the organs of healthy prisoners of conscience for transplant surgery—while the donors are still alive and aware. Yet, Communist China was shockingly granted a seat on the UN Human Rights Council earlier this month. Within two days, another story broke about a call between France's President and the Chinese President. France's leader "asked for a billion masks, and [Chinese President] Xi said, 'We'll give them to you if you implement 5G with Huawei.' That's who China is and it's time the world wakes up and recognizes it," according to The Washington Sentinel. China was holding medical supplies hostage from countries in need because it wanted to have its own 5G system monitoring the people in France. This is the same internet technology company that American leaders are fighting against because of serious privacy and surveillance concerns. China needs to be held accountable for the pain, panic, and death that it wrought on our world, not rewarded with additional international leadership opportunities and unfettered surveillance and control of independent nations around the world.

Matt Staver
Liberty Counsel

Media Blaming Evangelicals For Spreading COVID-19

Last Updated: Monday, March 30, 2020

Preacher has been telling us this for years and now we’re seeing it brought to full fruition. Read the article from Prophecy News Watch:

Preacher Gomez interview on Talk Radio

Last Updated: Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Listen to Preacher's interview with Talk Radio Host Todd Starnes on March 24.

Preacher Gomez interview with Todd Starnes