Ministries / Old Paths Church Growth Conference

Old Paths Church Growth Conference

September 15-28, 2017

Service Times

  • Preaching Services every night at 7pm (Monday through Thursday)
  • Ministry Workshops every morning at 9am (Tuesday through Thursday)

Workshop Topics

  • Church Building
  • Church Planting
  • Soulwinning
  • Sunday School Growth
  • Assistant Pastoring
  • Music
  • Writing Books
  • Finances
  • Pastoring Rural Areas


  • Reserve a room at Providence Baptist College for $35/night. Call Carrie 847-695-6222 x2065. (Senior pastors can stay FREE!)
  • Check out Elgin-area hotels on Expedia

For more information about the Old Paths Church Growth Conference, call the church office: 847-695-6222

Old Paths Church Growth Conference
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