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Old Paths

Church Growth Conference

September 23-26, 2019

Hosted by Dr. Keith Gomez in Elgin, IL


The Old Paths Church Growth Conference is hosted annually by Northwest Bible Baptist Church in Elgin, IL, pastored by Dr. Keith Gomez. Northwest is also the home of Providence Baptist College and Kyte River Revival Campgrounds.

If you desire to follow the "old paths" of the Fundamental Baptist heritage, then you'll be encouraged and helped by a conference that has a reputation of consistency in the old paths.

The morning ministry sessions will be a help and a blessing to pastors, assistant pastors, and laymen alike. A vast array of subjects will be covered to correspond with current-day challenges that our local churches encounter. Wives of attending delegates have special sessions in the mornings just for them, taught by pastor's wives and ladies of Northwest Bible Baptist Church.

In the evenings, everyone can benefit from old-fashioned, Holy Spirit-filled preaching that convicts the soul, encourages the heart, and refreshes the spirit.

2019 Speakers


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