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Adult Bible Classes


ach Adult Bible Class is a smaller family within our church family. It is a place to make friendships and enjoy fellowship with those of similar age and interests.

In an Adult Bible Class, you will see how the Word of God relates to your life. Crystal clear truths from Scripture will guide you in a closer walk with God. Your Christian life will be stronger with the support of godly leaders and friends in an Adult Bible Class. Take your love for God and involvement in our church family to a higher level.

All classes start at 9:45am every Sunday.

For the Whole Family!

During the Adult Bible classes, we also have Nurseries & Sunday School classes for every age from newborn to highschool.

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Singles (18 - 29)

Bereans is a class where single adults learn God’s Word, discover His will for their lives, and forge friendships that will last a lifetime.

Leaders: Caleb & Jaclyn Rardin
Room#: 117

Master's Class

Singles (30 - 45)

The Master’s Class is designed for adults who desire to strengthen their walk with God and be challenged to remain faithful.

Leaders: Jim & Natalie Cromer
Room#: 113

First Love

Couples (Engaged or Newly Married)

Helping young couples navigate the transitions from single life to marriage and from married life to parenthood while encouraging them not to depart from their FIRST LOVE, Jesus Christ

Leaders: David & Rebekah Hallberg
Room#: 137


Couples (20s - Early 30s)

The Defenders is for young couples who desire to be faithful to the Lord, committed to each other, and active in opportunities to serve God through their church.

Leaders: Jake & Kristy Robideau
Room#: 148

Cross Trainers

Couples (Mid 30s - 40s, w/ children)

The Cross Trainers class is formatted to increase our faith in Christ, strengthen our marriage, and raise a Godly generation.

Leaders: Phil & Amanda Cavanaugh
Room#: 151

New Song

Couples (Late 30s - 40s, w/ teens)

New Song is for couples with teen children who desire to keep Christ-like harmony at home, work, and leisure.

Leaders: Brad & Michele Waddell
Room#: 142

Steadfast Servants

Couples (Late 30s - 40s)

Steadfast Servants is for couples who may not have children, or whose children are adults, yet have a burden to remain steadfast in the faith.

Leaders: Mike & Carol Figarelli
Room#: 150

Adult Auditorium Class


The Auditorium Class is for adults who strive to continue to learn, while serving as mentors to the next generation.

Leaders: Mike & Cindy Hall
Room#: Auditorium

New Life


We have great fellowship as we glean from God’s Word on how to live and serve our Lord Jesus Christ.

Leaders: Vince & Gerri Gatto
Room#: 145


70s & Better

Active senior citizens who desire to deepen their relationship with the Lord and leave a Godly heritage by providing examples for younger folks.

Leaders: Ken & Lucille Anderson
Room#: 144


Visitors & New Members

Visitors and new members attend this class for thirteen weeks to meet others and to learn the basics of the Bible.

Leaders: Steve & Donna Szwarga
Room#: 106

Spanish Adults

Spanish-speaking Adults

Where those who speak Spanish come to fellowship and to learn the Bible.

Leader: Jose Delgado
Room#: 137

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